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can be made easy with 123Digitizing and doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg

Based in Canada, 123Digitizing provides premium quality embroidery digitizing service through a group of professional and talented embroidery digitizers and graphic designers who have been carefully selected and time-tested. Since inception, it has set itself apart from its competitors, with unique proposition - Top Quality Is Our Top Priority - in the online world of embroidery digitizing where the price war seems to be their only interest and nobody seems to care about the quality. We are not interested in doing dirt cheap digitizing jobs, instead, we devote ourselves to high standards for quality digitizing embroidery and excellent customer service, while our prices are very reasonable.

Serving the needs of custom embroidery digitizing, our clientele include custom embroidery shops, promotional product companies, apparel manufacturers, home textile suppliers, embroidery hobbyists and more. We have satisfied and loyal customers in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Australia... and as far as Namibia and South Africa. Having over 15 years of experience in the embroidery digitizing industry, possessing great digitizers and the latest technologies, with premium quality, reasonable prices and many discounts, fast turnaround time, easy ordering system and secure payment process, we are the right digitizing embroidery service provider that you can count on.    {+ read more about 123Digitizing}

Here is how 123Digitizing works

You place order online (or get a quote first) using the form below; Or, you may simply send request to Sales@123Digitizing.com;

Our digitizers work around the clock to ensure quick delivery; We then review the design for quality assurance, modify where needed;

We send the completed design (digitizing file, preview image / work sheet) back to your email. Just as simple as 1-2-3, eh?

What We Do

123Digitizing provides professional embroidery digitizing service with a cost-effective solution. If you are new to embroidery digitizing, it is the process of taking a logo, pattern, other creative artwork, even photo, and converting it into a digital file in certain format/language that the embroidery machine can execute and stitch it out. Digitizing embroidery is a complex process which uses stitch types including fill stitch, satin (column) stitch and running stitch to create an embroidery design.

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