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Welcome to the 123Digitizing design gallery. Here you will see some designs chosen from a sea of our real digitizing works for our real clients, for different placements (chest, hat, full back...), at different sizes (from 1" to 42" and more if repeated) and different levels of detail and complexity, to be sewn on different materials (cotton, pique knit, woven, silk, denim, canvas, leather...), all beautifully and consistently done year after year. The Main Gallery shows the everyday logos that we digitize, mostly chest and hat logos. Other galleries list some designs that showcase our true capability and premium quality, including embroidery arts based on photos and Full Back Embroiderys with very complicated details and oversized patterns for luxury home textile products such as comforters and decorative pillows, some reaching almost half a million stitches. Also included are some extremely simple designs, as few as 500 stitches. At 123Digitizing, no job is too big, and no job is too small either. We digitize each and every order with care and consistently return with high quality.

Click on thumbnails to view the full-size images and visualize the premium embroidery digitizing quality that you can expect from us. We may have said too much and we may have been bias, so we will be quiet now and let the samples speak for themselves.

Embroidery Art

Full Back Embroidery

Oversized Patterns

Badge/Emblem/Crest Designs

Corporate/Organization/Church Logos

Extremely Simple Designs

Other Designs

Sample Work Sheet/Preview Image - sent with every order