Embroidery Digitizing Prices

Some embroidery digitizing companies charge a flat rate per 1000 stitches. When a job is in low stitch count, it is not very fair to the digitizer (us); and when a job has a high stitch count (and it could be quite easy to digitize), the price may be unfairly high for the client (you). To solve these problems, our pricing is based on a cascading structure - the higher stitch count, the lower average unit price (per 1000 stitches). Though not as simple as the flat rate, it is more reasonable. We also consider various discounts for different factors, including simplicity of the design, new client discount, volume discount, etc. not to mention the seasonal promotions and specials, as our ways of saying "Thank you for your business!"

We understand, and we think you do too, it is the high digitizing quality, not just the low price, that will help you succeed. Price wars cannot last forever, fighting for quality can and will. That's why we do not strive to beat each of our rivals with lower price (bad practice), instead, with reasonable price, we always focus on providing top quality digitizing and force our competitors to chase our higher standard, which is a much harder thing to do. If top quality is also your top priority, try us and you will not regret.

Base Prices

Stitches Unit Price (USD per 1000 stitches) Price Summary (USD)
First 5,000 $8.00 < 3000 st. = $24 (minimum); 5000 st. = $40
Next 5,000 $7.00 10,000 st. = $75
Next 5,000 $6.00 15,000 st. = $105
Next 5,000 $5.00 20,000 st. = $130
Next 5,000 $4.00 25,000 st. = $150
Next 5,000 $3.00 30,000 st. = $165
Next 10,000 $2.00 40,000 st. = $185
Next 10,000 $1.00 50,000 st. = $195
Next 50,000 $0.50 100,000 st. and up = $220 (maximum)

* These are just "Base Prices" for price calculation, we rarely charge these prices in full, instead, we apply different discounts to most orders, see below.


Your First Order At least 50% OFF! (minimum fee at $24 applies)
Your Second Order At least 30% OFF!
Your Third Order At least 20% OFF!
Simplicity Discount Up to 50% OFF!! (for simpler, larger designs)
Volume Discount Up to 30% OFF! (contact sales@123Digitizing.com)