Embroidery Industry Resources

Online Embroidery Thread Charts and Conversion

A comprehensive list of embroidery thread charts.

Online Pantone Color Chart

PMS colors used for printing. You can also use this as a reference tool for embroidery thread selection.


Embroidery Designs, Thread and Supplies for Home and Commercial Embroidery Machines and Hand Embroidery.


The world's favorite embroidery & apparel decoration software since 1979. Also useful is the FREE TrueSizer software or TrueSizer Pro for a low fee.


Many of the most popular features found in today's embroidery software were developed by Pulse Microsystems.

How Does a Sewing Machine Work: Complete Guide for Beginners

An in-depth breakdown in simple terms all of the components of a sewing machine and exactly how it works.

Stitch Estimation

General guidelines in estimating how many stitches a design will have.

Homemade Gifts: Embroidery Resources

Comparison of embroidery software